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Fire Services

Inspection / Testing
Preventative Maintenance
IP/Cellular Communication

Our UL Listed/FM Listed monitoring station  monitors thousands of fire alarm systems.

Most jurisdictions require at minimum an annual inspection by a  licensed, certified fire inspector.  We can provide all of the services required for your fire alarm and fire suppression systems.

With a preventative maintenance contract, our service team will visit your site at scheduled times throughoutthe year to inspect, clean, test, and verify correct operation of all components on the system.

We can monitor your fire alarm system over traditional phone lines, IP (Internet), or wireless radio.

Fire Alarm

Commercial Fire System Installation 

Jade Security Systems is a full-service licensed California electrical contactor offering a complete range of services to protect your business in the event of a fire emergency. We utilize the latest technology to take your fire security to the next level with detection and monitoring systems, advanced fire alarms, IP/cellular communications, preventative maintenance, and a variety of other services. Along with commercial fire system installation executed by our team of experienced professionals, we also offer:

  • Security system maintenance contracts

  • Fire alarm system inspection and maintenance services

  • Fire alarm testing for businesses, commercial locations and more

In order to ensure that your fire alarm system is  working properly it is required to be tested and inspected by a licensed fire alarm inspection company.  This is required by law and should be performed at least once a year. Our inspectors will perform the required testing and inspection, provide a detailed inspection report, and can perform repairs on any noted deficiencies.

Testing and Inspection

When it comes to your business, nothing is more  important than the lives of your employees, customers, and visitors.  Providing reliable fire detection and suppression is not just a typical requirement of law, but it is also a critical responsibility  as a business or facility owner. Jade Security Systems offers advanced fire protection and monitoring systems to fit your business needs.

Fire Detection and Monitoring Systems

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