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We're prepared for any emergency


Preparation is the key to our success. That’s why each of our CSAA-certified operators undergoes rigorous preparation for whatever emergencies might arise:

  • More than 96 hours of classroom training.

  • Eight weeks of hands-on mentoring.

  • Quality assurance checks on an ongoing basis.

It’s a solid foundation for quick, effective response during an emergency.

Bring your home automation to life with one touch of a finger
Home Automation
Emergency responders are alerted instantaneously 
Intrusion Detection

Monitored security is part of a winning formula


Start with quality in-home assessment and installation by skilled technicians and add effective around-the-clock monitoring whenever you need it. You’ll end up with peace of mind and protection that you won’t find on a shelf in a store.

Our alarm monitoring lets you rest easy

Home security systems are an important part of any protection strategy for your loved ones and your property. But that's not enough: If your alarm goes off and no one notices, your system is just a hunk of technology that makes a loud noise.

That's why we protect our customers with an effective, dependable monitoring center staffed around-the-clock by trained agents.

Home Security Alarm Monitoring

Your alarm sounds
Certified operator receives the signal
Rest easy knowing our Alarm Response Center watches over your home around the clock.

How It Works

Attempts are made to reach the owner; if necessary, appropriate authorities are notified
Signal is sent to the monitoring center
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