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Home Security Survey

GE Security Pros consider the big picture

Evaluating your home's vulnerability to a break in is the first step in determining your security needs—but GE Security Pros also consider your personal lifestyle in order to get the big security picture.

Are you often home alone? Do you travel and leave family members home alone for long periods of time? Are children ever home alone after school? Take the following survey to determine your real security needs.

Check off the items that describe your current home and lifestyle:

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In or around your home, you have
high shrubs or bushes that obscure windows and may hide intruders as they break in
windows left open at night or during your absence
lights left on all day and night when you're away
torn or missing storm windows or screens
garages and outbuildings left unlocked even for short periods
no residence number visible at night from the street
bicycles, mowers and ladders left out overnight
no smoke or carbon monoxide detectors in your home
no family escape plan in case of fire
valuables, fire arms and important papers kept in the home
no fire extinguishers available
non-fire-proof safe
house keys and car keys on the same key ring
no neighborhood watch group

You have—
no peepholes in your entrance doors
hollow-core entrance doors
no deadbolts on entrance doors
less than 1" depth on deadbolts
no reinforced jamb
locks that haven't been rekeyed since you moved in
locks within 40 inches of door glass that can be opened from inside

You have—
no locks on windows
windows left open and unsecured for ventilation
no locks on basement windows
curtains, drapes or blinds that don't fully cover windows

You have—
doors that don't lock
garage lights that cant' be turned on from inside the house

During vacations
don't stop deliveries
don't notify neighbors
don't set light timers
don't have lawn mowed or sidewalks shoveled
don't arrange for hand bills to be picked up

Additional burglar magnets
keep most of your cash in the house
display valuables to strangers
talk about your vacation plans in public places (hair dressers, stores, car rental agency)

Thank you for filling out our Home Security Survey. The purpose of this survey is to heighten home security awareness as well as provide enough information to offer valuable solutions to your specific home, intrusion, fire and environmental needs. If you would like more information on the electronic protection our company provides, simply submit the survey and one of our customer service representatives will be in contact with you shortly.


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